GoToWebinar is without a doubt the most well-known webinar hosting platform today. This is mainly because it’s very easy to use and it comes with a lot of features that both hosts and attendees can use to get the most out of the webinars. The great thing about the platform is that it’s effective for all types of businesses. Whether you are selling products or services, you can use the platform to connect with customers or business partners. In this GoToWebinar review, we are going to look into the main features of the platform so that you can decide for yourself if it’s the right place for a webinar you are planning to do.

Best GoToWebinar Review

1) Creating a webinar is very easy. Putting the details and setting up the date for the webinar can take just a few minutes. The platform has built-in email invitations that you can use to invite potential attendees in bulk. Not only that, the email invitations are automated which means that you will be reminded of those who have confirmed and those who haven’t. In addition, there are several email templates that you can choose from if you want to customize your message. You can send out invitations anytime before the date of the webinar arrives.

2) You can make use of several presenters or panelists. This is very important especially if you need help in presenting information for your attendees. With more than one presenters, people who attend your webinar will get the value they are looking for. Another advantage of using multiple panelists is that you can break down the webinar into sections based on topics covered. This will hold the attention of your audience and keep them away from getting bored. The GoToWebinar platform has features that enable you to switch from one panelist to another.

3) You can record your webinar and have it viewed by people who missed the event. This is especially important if people paid to attend your webinar. People who paid but wasn’t able to attend the webinar can still watch the event by getting a recorded copy from you. In addition, you can also use the copy as freebies for other upcoming webinars. You can even package previous webinars and turn them into stand-alone products which you can sell. In a nutshell, GoToWebinar’s recording capability is a feature that can be very valuable to you during and after the webinar.

4) You can practice the webinar before the date of the event. This is to make sure that when the day finally arrives, everything will run smoothly without any untoward incidents. You can rehearse your presentations as well as time everything so that you won’t go under nor beyond the allotted webinar time.

In conclusion, GoToWebinar is a very efficient and effective webinar hosting platform. The features we discussed in this GoToWebinar review are just the tip of the iceberg. The platform has a lot of other features that are very valuable if you use them correctly. You can use the platform to connect with customers, potential business partners, or people who are simply interested in your business. This webinar tool definitely deserves a 5/5 rating for its overall features.